Meet Our Newest Reviewer!

FullSizeRender Ashley is a junior who lives in California. She loves reading and movies, and she wants to be an author herself one day. Ashley plays lacrosse and can often be found making lists for no reason.




List of Favorites:

-Drink to read with: lemonade

-Book Boyfriend: Etienne (Anna and the French Kiss), Maxon Schreave (The Selection), Percy Jackson

-Hero/Heroine: Cinder (Cinder),  America (The Selection)

-Ship: America and Maxon,  Anna and Etienne, Percy and Annabeth

-Book to Movie: Harry Potter

-TV Show: Jane the Virgin, Modern Family

-Books: The Selection; Second Chance Summer; Love and Gelato; Anna and the French Kiss; Drink, Slay, Love; The Catcher in the Rye

-Music: Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, Bruce Springsteen, Brad Paisley

-Genre: contemporary, romance, magical realism

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